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Welcome to, Tim Wayne’s “Online Income For Everyone!” ….TFW Marketing website.

Hi, my name is Tim Wayne and I’m glad you are here! I think you will find my website to be somewhat different, quite interesting, incredibly helpful and loaded with useful information. I know my “Online Income For Everyone!” will prove to be a real time and money saver for you. If you have struggled as I have before but are looking for real online income answers then you will want to see what I have for you!

But first off, I have to tell you some really exciting news! I am now working with an Honest to goodness knowledgeable Coach To Mentor Me! One who is a very successful internet marketing expert. My coach is now showing me the proven inside “Get It Done, Roll Up Your Sleeves” steps on how to actually get this up and running successfully. The “Nuts and Bolts”of How To Do It!

Wow -it’s simply incredible what I’m learning! I am so excited with the results I am having!


Here’s the part YOU will find Very Exciting …….I will be Sharing Everything With You! You too can see and have the same results I’m having without the expense of hiring your own online marketing coach!  ………..Psssss -Don’t tell my coach!

By coming along with me you’ll get the insider secrets from us both, as well as other people that have been in your situation before and figured out the right way to do things.By “looking over my shoulder” this will give you the right answers and faster results.

Some topics covered to name a few are; your online business card, how to properly set-up your website/blog, online, offline & affiliate marketing, finding content ..for free, traffic generation, video traffic, and list building with super simple and free strategies .

If you’re like me and really want to start making money online, and you are willing to come along with me (and my coach) putting some effort in, then I will be sharing it all with you! I’m sure you will not want to miss out on the great information coming your way in the days, weeks and months ahead. Information that will make all the difference!

I must say, having a very successful experienced coach mentoring me is making a huge impact on my success. With the experienced coaching insights and nitty-gritty information I have learned it is bringing everything together for me. Again I wish to share it with you here!

What is working for me and what does not work. I think you will find what I have to be very enlightening. It will help you avoid many of the online pitfalls and mistakes I made. Shorten the time for you to be up and running and for you to have your own money making website on the internet.  Possibly Quicker than you thought!

Follow along  with me to learn what is proven to really work. As I said, I will be bringing all this to you in the coming weeks and months.  It does take some effort, commitment, and taking action on your part. It is a real business and must be taken seriously. I think you already know that …..anything worth having does take some work.

But, if you join in the journey with me, along with the help of my coach’s proven methods, you will have the answers and building blocks you need to have results like never before. It will be fun and very rewarding! 

If You Take Action The Potential is Great and You Will Not Regret It!

Let’s get started now!

“Online Income For Everyone!”


What’s Your CTA? -It Better Be Really Good!

Call To ActionWhat's Your CTA  It Better Be Really Good!What's Your CTA -It Better Be Really Good!

I was discussing  a critical topic today  with my internet coach on something which
is often overlooked or mistakenly forgotten about. Especially when just starting
out as a newbie in the building of an online income. It really pertains to your email, website articles and/or blog marketing. But, the surprising thing is sometimes even
the experienced internet marketer can mistakenly overlook this. Have you?

What I’m talking about is the importance of having a strong targeted call to action (CTA). Creating a very clear CTA is vital to your sales, and ultimately to your success. If you are using affiliate marketing to make sales whether through your site or in emails you will
use a CTA everyday.

The call to action is a powerful tool. It’s what tells our visitors at our sites, in our emails,
and reading our articles what to do next. And how to do it. It clearly shows and funnels
them in the direction of what we want them to do  -to take the action we want.

And, it is important to realize the CTA is not necessarily always about going and buying something.  A call to action is more about your visitors taking what they just read or learned and then taking action to change their lives. If we can accomplish that then we
are being effective and will keep people coming back.

Without a solid strong call to action we are missing this all important purpose. We don’t
want our visitors to just say to themselves that was interesting, and then have no idea
what to do next.

It makes perfect sense then we should learn how to make powerful clearly defined CTA’s which will perform really good for us. To strive to make better and better calls to action!

Here is an infographic  which can help you accomplish just that. It really is designed for
graphical email CTA’s, but works and applies equally as well with our websites, blogs and
articles.  Enjoy!

Please click on the image to enlarge then run mouse over and click + to see much better.

 What's Your CTA -It Better Be Really Good!

Thanks to for this great infographic

Let us know what your favorite idea is in the comments below!

Big thanks goes out to for creating this awesome infographic – See more at:
Big thanks goes out to for creating this awesome infographic – See more at:
Big thanks goes out to for creating this awesome infographic – See more at:

If You Don’t Start Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

That is what I painfully learned in the early days of wanting to start an internet business.
I would say to myself, ‘today is the day I’m starting’. I would have sincere and good intentions to do so. But some how, some way, something always got in the way. I regret not
starting sooner!  How about you, have you started?

I always seemed to find an answer why not to go forward quite yet. Many times it was because I felt I did not have enough knowledge at the moment. I was unsure on what to do
next. I was afraid I would make the wrong move or decision.

I would decide to continue searching the internet, buy more “systems” and read more
books. Always looking for answers. Looking for the next big sure thing promising sure-
fire success online. Looking for that internet  secret. I thought I was preparing myself to get
started the right way.

Quit wasting your time looking for something that doesn’t exist. The real secret to starting your successful internet business is,  well, Getting Started! Take action right now, Today! Forget about there being some secret formula out there just waiting for you to find. Yes,
learn and read all you can, but actually do something by taking action steps while gaining more knowledge.

A great book that goes right to the point of getting started is called  Ready, Fire, Aim by
Mark Ford (he wrote the book under his pen name, Michael Masterson). It’s quite possibly
one of the most important and practical business books ever. If you don’t already have it,  get it!

I have also since realized you must have confidence in yourself. Believe in yourself. Even if you have failed before it does not mean you will fail again. Take that first big step, even if it is a little one. Even taking tiny little steps each day will make a big difference. You soon will find this out if you act. You can do it!

You will never know  everything, nobody does. Don’t let that slow you down and get in the
way of acting. You will be much further along to your dream of having that online business if you truly take a step today -do something! You must take action or nothing will get done. Success comes to those who take action. You must quit procrastinating.


I have found it best to plan and then prepare to take action. At first, set some daily
goals no matter how small or easy. Write out an action plan the night before to follow
each day to insure you stay on course. Later you can set weekly, monthly  and
longer goals. And then you must force yourself to take action. Even on days when
it’s tough, your too busy, or you have other things to do. Stay vigilant and keep on
pushing yourself to stay on course.

Success only happens by taking action  -by moving forward a little bit every day.
Try and stay strong and steady. Don’t allow  obstacles get in the way. There will be
tough days but you must keep pushing towards your vision of having a successful
online business. Being persistent is your friend. Procrastination is your enemy.

Each and every action you take is a small victory for you, and each accomplishment
takes you another step closer to your goal of a successful internet business.  So if
you really want this to happen, never, ever give up on your daily action plan.

Take some kind of action step each and every day. No matter how small. You will be surprised and amazed how good you will feel and the progress you make. It will fed on itself and build. Looking back you will have no regrets for starting now! And, you will not hate yourself later for waiting yet another day, week or year.

It’s time to cast off and set sail!

T. Wayne


The Mistake Of Not Having An Internet Marketing Coach!

As I sit here in my Northern Michigan office on this cold snowy winter day
in December I think how lucky I am to be able to work from my cozy home
writing my blog. I’m sure you feel the same too….  if you work from home?

This is partially possible because of my wife’s and my decision to start
building a business online. I say partially because of the other key decision
of finding a wonderfully knowledgeable, honest and experienced internet
coach to mentor us. Someone who can keep us moving forward and on
course in the right direction.

Why Is Having A Coach So Important?
The Mistake Of Not Having An Internet Marketing Coach!

Before having a coach we struggled. We learned plenty along the way, but
really did not understand how to make it work for us. Put it into motion.
But, having a coach to mentor us now has changed all that! We have real
direction and can bounce ideas and questions that come up off them.

I can’t emphasize enough the value of having someone who has been there
and done it. They can cut the learning curve greatly and save you much time.
In my opinion, it is probably the single biggest decision that will effect the
success of building your online business. I know it is already having a huge
impact on our success!

I urge you to find an internet marketing coach who can mentor you. At the
very least someone who in some way can share the knowledge and experience
for you to learn from and in helping guide you. They will be invaluable to your
growing your internet marketing business and it’s ongoing success!

We have been very lucky to find such an experienced person to coach and
mentor us. You can follow along with us and I will let you know exactly what is
working for us and what doesn’t. I will help keep you in the loop of successfully
building an online income now. I’ll enjoy sharing this with you!